[Touching Story] In Search for Her Likeness – Ridwan Adeniran

I met a scientist for my mission. She was in the garment of angels. A neat white overall. Pair of gloves covering her hands. A face mask on. Hair covered too.

It was love at first sight. I was at the hospital to take care of an ailing friend. I had walked through different units doing a thing or the other for my bedridden friend. Hospital experience is one you might not be eager to have. “Pay this bills at our revenue unit”. “Fill this prescription at pharmacy over there”. “Get your patient these items from the store”. Like one is not here to even rest as a patient relation.

The doctor had walked in again. He checked on my friend. He asked him some questions and requested sample of blood needed to be taken from him for some diagnostic tests. I was available to follow up and return the result from the laboratory to the doctor for treatment plan.

It was my first experience watching processes directly from the medical laboratory. I was astonished by the space. Within it were well arranged equipment and tools of different types and sizes. Microscopes, centrifuges and so on. Bottles of neatly labelled reagents and sample bottles orderly in racks. A sight of cooled region labelled Blood bank. All things within look bright and beautiful.

I met a scientist for my mission. She was in the garment of angels. A neat white overall. Pair of gloves covering her hands. A face mask on. Hair covered too. Everything covered and she was looking so pure. She was engrossed in mounting slides for observation on microscope when I checked in.

“I’m here for Bamidele Banjo’s result of a test”, I said. In a gentle heavenly tone, “kindly have your seat, the result will be ready shortly”, she replied. My heart skipped. The voice was a soothing balm to the pains of walking miles within the hospital. I wished to hear her more.

While waiting I watched processes in the laboratory and her procedures in handling blood, tissues and fluids. She was gentle and lovely in her ways and manners.

I watched her taking samples from her clients. A tied tourniquet on arms, locating veins and withdrawing blood. Bleeding looked so beautiful! A little frown or cry from her client brewed comforting and reassuring words from her mouth. I watched her handling tissues and other fluids too. She was full of energy. She looked faithful to her discipline.

Her actions and reactions are desirable. I watched her smear and spread on glass slides and cover with slips. Her carefulness and watchfulness in filtering and culturing. I adore her timeliness in procedures. How she progressed from a step to another. Her ways were dear to my heart. I love her art. I love her science.

“Bamidele Banjo”, she called. I returned from my realm, “Yes”, I replied. “Result is ready”, she said. Her voice was all I needed to be happy. Right there, I was planning to forever remain happy. So, I made a confession. “I love the way you do your things”. She looked and smiled. “Thank you sir”, she replied. My heart melted. “I will like to know more about you”, before she replied I quickly added. “I mean your purpose, your passion, the essentials of your profession”.

At that time, she was done with her samples for the day. She removed her nose mask and was moving towards a washbasin. She smiled. I saw her clean white teeth, a perfect dentition and lovely hiatus between her two upper incisors. The skips in my heart doubled.  She was not looking tired of my questions. She replied,

“I am like a police tracking criminals.
I am a professional disease detective.
I work to find them even in deepest canals.
Human healthy state is my propelling incentive.
I am a being of compassion and a body of
My conscientious findings are guides for treatment decisions”

“Sir, I mean I am purely committed to saving lives everyday”.

Right there and then, I wished my life to be saved in hers forever. To live in her. And she, in me. I felt my life needed her commitment. I felt she was the right one. The best treatment decision for my longing heart. The right lost rib. She was a little far from me cleaning her hands under the flowing water. She finished and clean her wet hands with a thick napkin and approached my side. I wanted to ask some more questions, but my eyes met a glistening gold ring on her left leech-finger. My heart broke!

I returned to the doctor weaker than before. I handed the result to him. And I sat watching over my friend, but lost in thought of searching the likeness of the beautiful medical laboratory scientist.

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