Pregnancy is a divine load: Iya Ibeji is the carrier and we are all caregivers – Ridwan Adeniran

Be patient with pregnant women. They are carrying a Divine load. And they may be fragile in their journey.

The poverty level in Nigeria has not gotten to the extent that people will not be interested in having babies again. In fact, the family planning advocates are trying their best with their gospel of contraception. But, locked in the mind of faithful in Africa settings are “be fruitful and multiply”, “the child will come its provisions”, “omo la so” and ideally, no one desires just a single cloth. Beyond trying to reduce the population with the thought that it will help reduce poverty is the fact that every day (someone said mostly at night), somewhere in the world, there are at least two persons aiming towards having a baby. I am sure for Africa!

The circumstance behind each pregnancy might be pleasant or non-pleasant. It might be legal or illegal. My writing here is not to X-Ray the process of any woman’s pregnancy. I am here to tell you to handle them with so much care. I wish to tell you to look at them with mercy, even when any seems annoying in a process. Be patient with pregnant woman. They are carrying a Divine load. And they may be fragile in their journey.

Brethren, so when next you see a pregnant woman, do not just call her ìyá ìbejì, pray for her. Either openly or silently, from your heart. And bless her with good words or gifts (even if na folic acid or any of her uncommon cravings). Ensure what you are giving will not harm her or her baby. She’s not just herself alone. She is a shelter to prospective life inhabitant(s). She’s not like every other person. Many things run in her. Give her privileges. Consider her revered.

Pray that may the things that run in her not run wrong. I mean, pray that her changed anatomy and physiology and biochemistry will not bring harm to her. Pray that she – a fragile vessel – will not break. And what lives inside – the contents – not spill away, south. Pray her muscles contract and relax as expected and as required. Pray fluids flow normal (no insufficient, no excess) during her delivery. Pray she won’t lose her relation in exchange of the one coming (to the world). Pray she is blessed with provisions she would need to raise her babies.

Say: Then He eased the way for him (her)

Just pray and if possible, provide. Provide for her need (I no say no be you give her belle). Give her privilege in queued crowd. Help her with her physical luggage (because you can’t help her house the foetus). Speak good to her. Make her happy. 

Brethren, do not praise the one who gyms excessively, what he carries don’t always have live. Praise a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is not something so easy a load to carry. Some could carry and drop without complications, it’s the Lord’s doing. Some carry theirs with conditions between life and death, it’s still not that they are chief sinners. Bo se wun Oluwa lo n sola. The anatomical, the physiological (hormonal) and the psychological differences can’t be overemphasised. You won’t likely miss those glaring differences, only if you choose to ignore. You possibly might not fully understand them. But, just try to and be nice.

However, most times, it is a happy stress with sometimes scents of distress.

May pregnant women be blessed with strength to stand, walk, run, fly and deliver safely. May they welcome their precious jewels with smiles. And may the jewels be kind to them. May the fathers have the caring spirits too. May we have good reasons to always ride naming ceremonies.

May all those praying to be blessed with kids be answered too. 

May we all find rest in our home.


Remain a faithful caregiver to all the Iya Ibeji carrying a divine load around you.

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