Beside punishments for offences such as adultery and sodomy, Brunei is a calm country across the globe

According to current reports, Brunei had seemed the courtesy worldwide to get attention when he imposed harsh punishments for felonies such as infidelity and sodomy, “But in the country itself there is peace and harmony”.

The roads are built smooth and well maintained while the city is landscaped with plenty of trees and space for pedestrians.

Reports has shown that Brunei was benign, orderly, very quiet with conspicuous domes of the mosques, some splendidly gold-plated, the immense ciphers in Arabic calligraphy and the protruding images displaying the bearded figure of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. 

The state is one of the few complete realms left in the biosphere. 

Brunei declared his national philosophy which was fully defined by the administration as merger of Malay language. The beliefs and Malay levies were according to the coaching of Islamic commandments, ethics and the dominion arrangement, which must be valued and adept by all.

Dominik Mueller is a proficient on Islam in South East Asia at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle, Germany, and one of the very few academics to have studied Brunei closely. He mentioned in his report, “The sultan has progressively bowed to faith over the past three eras, particularly since his major pilgrimage to Mecca in 1987.”

“He has frequently emphasized the obligation from Allah to familiarize the Sharia penal code, and the blessings this would bring, in this world and the afterlife,” he added.

“This reflects the State Mufti’s description. The inspiration of the Islamic bureaucracy cannot be flamboyant. Its leaders have long told the emperor and the civic that Brunei must entirely impose Lord’s law, as they construe it.”

People are unsurprisingly generous and supportive.

In short, a discussion with two analysts in the capital Bandar Seri Bagawan twisted to Brunei’s imminent, with oil and gas that obligate subsidized its peculiar affluence across the globe.

King of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has complete supremacy in Brunei.

The sultan has supreme executive authority, unimpeded by representatives or legislature.He is concomitantly Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Finance Minister and the head of Islam in Brunei. His word is decree.

Brunei was a British colony until its independence in 1984

A British colony and then territory until 1984, at liberation the sultan declared the notion of a Malay Muslim realm.

The sultan has pushed Brunei towards an ever-stricter observance of Islamic precepts

Since independence the sultan has strapped Brunei towards an ever-stricter adherence of Islamic edicts.

Bruneians are divided over what the new code means for the LGBT community

80% of the population of the country is Muslim but fewer are ethnic.

Brunei has permitted no hostility and almost no self-governing civil society to exist since independence. It is still ruled under a state of emergency avowed in 1962, which firmly confines autonomy of assemblage and appearance.

Oil has been the major factor behind Brunei's prosperity

Economic growth has been flat, and youth unemployment is the highest in South East Asia, as the traditional source of jobs in the government sector dries up.

Just across the river is the town of Limbang

Life is as normal as normal gets.

Bruneians can be found across karaoke bars in Limbang

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