The story of Haji Abdikarin Hussain( Waraabe) by Nabiha Cabdallahi.

Haji Abdi Karin was born 1905, in a town near Hargeisa called Toon. He was a kind and a noble soul. One man slayed his father when he was just a child. When he became an adult and judicious, his uncle narrated him a story about his father’s murder. 

Somali people were killing one another deliberately at that time. When they told him then it became compulsory for him to slaughter the other one who executed his father. He collected all of his weapons and they went to that place where murderer was living in. It was too far and it took him a stint to reach there. 

When he and his uncles reached there, one man greeted them and honored them as a guest. He asked them to stay and offered them beds if they wanted it for a night. He accepted that invitation. He also provided them a place to sit. 

Then, he started to prepare food for them. After few minutes, suddenly, it started raining. They sat at the place where there was not a roof. The man ran quickly and started to create a roof for them. 

All the men got scared of his action. Then, he served them with food and told them that they could sleep after eating. He went out and slept. 

When everyone slept, it was midnight. His uncles told him to kill that man. Haji Abdi Karin laughed and said that the man covered us not to be wet by providing us roof and you urged me to kill him. He added, “No No! uncles you are wrong, I can’t kill him”. They were surprised and they became angry with him. 

The next morning when the man came, they told the man everything and man got scared. Haji Abdi Karin told him not to worry about him. He wouldn’t kill him because you saved us the raining. 

Then, he entreated the man to consent his proposal for his daughter. The man acknowledged it but at that time his daughter was too young and he told him to come back after few years. Also, Haji Abdi Karin accepted it and they went back to their town. They all were too happy. 

When the people heard the story of Haji Abdi Karin, they fell in love with him and he became an eminent figure in the society. All people in Somaliland started appreciating him for his story. 

Truly, he was the one who secures love and promotes brotherhood. He worked with all of the presidents in Somaliland at different levels. His last job with last two presidents was a member of council of adults. He worked with them honestly and all the presidents respected him a lot. 

In the last, Haji Abdi Karin died two months ago but is still alive in our hearts. He died in Hargeisa International Hospital. More than five thousand people attended his funeral all across the country. All of praised his efforts for the maintenance of peace and stability.

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