Quillkastle is an African-hosted open-source free web-publishing platform for writers looking for a unique platform to get their art to a global scene. It was launched on Thursday, December 27th, 2018. This amazing website has successfully merged WordPress and Facebook functionalities in one with a blockchain reward system (in place) to appreciate and celebrate top monthly users.

On Quillkastle, in a bid to connect writers and facilitate quick and global integration, registered users are offered the opportunity to do things they do on Facebook: request for friendship, send a message, create groups, share status updates etc. In fact, users can take a step further to upload contents, embed images, URLs and all in their posts. The publishing experience is that of a typical news website like PunchNG, VanguardThe NationThis Day, The Washington Post or other leading platforms.     

QK stands for innovation, creativity, promotion, value creation and domestication of ideas. At QK we believe so much in the power of ideas and in collaboration with others to deliver a goal. while users go on to publish for free, Quillkastle’s Board of Editors will equally contribute to the content development process through the publishing of various in-house posts and our weekly newsletter that will be featuring promising user’s articles and poems. Like this, we can push these users even more for the world to appreciate their art.  

As Facebook primarily connects users, QK is solving the problem of rejection often faced by most emerging writers when they approach mainstream web-publishers/journals. This way, users can overcome undue depression occasioned by rejection as they go on to push their compositions to a waiting audience for free. This will not only afford users the privilege to make an archive with Quillkastle but also see to nurture these users as they grow and improve their art.

The use of Quillkastle has been made pretty simple. Our users benefit a great deal from this resource as they can now package their article, for instance, polish it with the top-notch facility put in place and publish it for readership. As part of Qk’s culture, our social media platforms are tools for promotion for our users.

While users have finally found a leading publishing platform with advanced GUI and absolute user-friendly features to showcase their art, they are equally building their individual portfolio to rank upon every Google search for their name by fans and friends.

With Qk’s use of a blockchain technology as a decentralised reward system, there is so much more to offer users. Every month, all users stand a chance to win something (T-shirts, caps et al) when they emerge as the top-rated user for the month under review.

This is not leaving bloggers out. Existing bloggers with their personal domains can equally tap into the resources to promote their blogs. When they post here, they can enjoy the privilege by linking their posts to their original websites.

As a content development firm alongside providing various digital services such as web/app development, programming and digital marketing training; through our editorial board, we shall develop contents that are evergreen, well researched, balanced and timely. The Quillkastle’s idea is to build a community with an advanced understanding of web-administration as it is now a common catch for employers in the current dispensation. With a seasoned used of Quillkastle to publish, users will improve their understanding of web-administration -thus by a step ahead of non-users.


We publish stories, comments, interviews, lifestyles, essays, poems, travelogue, photos, reviews, news and more. By so doing, we promote emerging and established writers, brands, NGOs, products, and blogs.


From a simple personal blog in 2017 to a premium multi-user publishing platform, we have transformed the Quillkastle space to a haven for writers and readers -raising more writers through our various muse-aid templates under the submission menu.

Contact us via our e-mail or the form on our contact page. All opinions remain that of writers except for those that carry the Quillkastle’s insignia.

The Chief Executive Officer cum Managing Editor is Ridwan Adelaja, (2017) winner of the KEN EGBAS POETRY PRIZE and (2018) winner of the TONY FERNANDEZ POETRY PRIZE. He equally emerged as 2nd runner-up in the 2018 KOREA-NIGERIA POETRY COMPETITION.


R. O. Adelaja: Co-founder and Chief Content Curator

Y. Adeyemo: Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer

A. A. Ogunleti: Logistics Head




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